Successful design does not simply look good. It has a clear purpose, it fits into your overall company ethos and – if it’s done right – can make a fundamental and lasting difference to how people see your company.


FiG works closely with clients to find out how design can be used to give their company a real presence in the marketplace. Design can apply to logo design, web design and the design of ads, packaging… all aspects of your company that people see or interact with.


Get your design right and it can enhance your brand.

What is brand and brand awareness?

Branding is a science in itself. Think about the most familiar companies you know – perhaps they sell tech, soft drinks, sneakers.


Now think about what you associate with those brands. It’s probably not just a laptop, a glass of fizzy pop and a pair of shoes. A product is a thing, but a brand is so much more.


It’s the feeling you get when you hear the name, the lifestyle choices you associate with them, the way they make you think, what they represent, what they mean, whether they can be trusted, how cool they are, how cool they make you, where they are going and how they are going to take you with them.


And that’s the power of branding. FiG can help with your brand, work with you to enhance your branding and people’s brand awareness, and even take you through the process of rebranding.

Where does design fit into my brand?

A design may look fantastic, but does it fit your brand? Your logo design, website design, business card design, brochure design… do all these elements work together to really make it clear what your company is all about?


Branding is not just about aesthetics. It’s about creating core components that amount to something meaningful, engaging and special. Components that stand out and make your values clear and appealing to those who feel the same way and persuade others to come on board.

It sounds ambitious, but take a look at the big brands and it starts to make sense. A logo that is simple and clear, maybe it’s solid or suggests movement, the colour is bold or calming, the name is identifiable and cool, surprising or reliable…


The look, the language, the tone of voice, the frequency and methods of communication, even what it’s like to work for your company – all this and more will define your brand. And it all needs designing, planning and managing, all day, every day.


Ads may be clear and direct or complex and challenging, stores could be bright and welcoming, loud and trendy, calm and restrained… maybe you only operate online, or in shopping malls or out of town or in airports.


Maybe a company sponsors extreme sports, or a football team, or dog shows or fishing events or fine art awards. .


Compare two ‘similar’ car companies. They both make cars but what sort of car they are seen as and what age they appeal to will depend on all the different elements that work together to build a brand. In fact, you often see different brands within the same car company.

How does rebranding work?

Sometimes you need to rethink where you are, and FiG can help you to do this. Often a company will grow and branding will be a luxury that is left behind, so over time different elements and activities don’t quite match and your ‘message’ can become muddled.


Perhaps a new product, direction or expansion changes the emphasis of who your clients are or what they want. It’s even been known for a company to attract clients they don’t want. So it’s time to sit down and rethink your company’s culture, message and what it stands for.


Rebranding is rethinking, reshaping and possibly even relaunching with renewed purpose and direction. The goal is to be clear about what you do, inspire trust in people that you’re going to do it, and keep doing it to prove your commitment.


When people trust you to drive a company forwards, they will come along for the ride. And they’ll happily talk to other people about joining you too. As long as you keep communicating with them – in both directions – and even changing and evolving when you need to, your brand will go from strength to strength.