More than words – creating compelling content that works

Content, when used properly, goes way beyond informative copywriting and eye-catching design to become genuinely compelling, engaging and useful.


Good content is interesting. It is something you enjoy and look forward to seeing more of. You will subscribe to it and welcome it. You might even search for it. You’re likely to share it.


Content is a central component of content marketing and content strategy, and is found in the many formats and forums in which people create, post and consume information.


Used wisely it can help to build awareness of you and your company, and bring traffic that will stay with you and inspire relationships that will be good for both parties, for longer.


We at FiG are content creators, weaving together content, content marketing and content strategy to generate lasting relationships. Our copywriters and designers make content that rich with information, visual appeal and relevance.

Good content needs good copywriting

From standout headlines to clear messaging, a copywriter knows how to deliver a message in a clear and creative way. The best copywriting can illustrate a company’s personality and make it stand out using words with simple purpose. Bad copywriting on the other hand can ruin a company’s brand.


A print or web copywriter bring specific skills, and SEO copywriting can put you in front of audiences by giving you a good position on the list of potential businesses that appear when people target specific services via Google or other search engines.


FiG also creates brand manifestos that distil the essence of your company into just a few perfect phrases, presenting what you are about with carefully crafted, iconic and inspirational simplicity.


Good copywriting puts your company into words, but the best copywriting goes deeper and clearly shows what you are all about. It fits. It’s open, honest and believable.

Good content is relevant

Relevance is key. Content is a way to show your customers that you understand them and their requirements. It shows that you know them better than anyone else, and want to build a more meaningful and direct relationship.


Well written, concise content will stand out and find a wider audience because it does so much more than sell a product or service. It goes deeper, making connections between your product or service and your existing and potential customers.

Good content loves different media

There are so many ways to reach your audience. Content can be found in the form of online tutorials, viral videos, news updates and blogs – basically, any informative content that expands your relevance in the competitive marketplace and creatively foster a deeper commitment to who you are and what you offer.

Good content has personality

Good content and content marketing do more than show people you have a product or a skill. It shows them you have a personality.


People connect more closely and enduringly with personalities, with real people who they get on with and who they can trust. It’s about understanding, not just doing a job or providing a service.


Meeting new people and making new friends depends on emotional connections. If we like someone and what they say resonates with us, we want to spend time with them.


Influencers base their success on personality. We listen to what they say and willingly accept their influence because we feel we don’t just know about them, we actually know them. And we want to find out more about what they do and think.


FiG can create a buzz around your company in the same way, using the power and appeal of social media posts, interviews and videos that add personality and power to your message.

Good content positions your company in the market

Good content has depth and commitment. A content strategy can involve different media, levels of investment and production values that best suit your target audience.


FiG can make and maintain these relationships with ongoing campaigns based on creativity and connection, with regular, reliable updates that show dedication to providing a broader benefit to your customers.


FiG can help you to form and promote your message, position you where you want to be in the marketplace and protect your brand, whether through press releases, coverage across a range of print and online news media or via the ever-changing creative possibilities available on the Internet.


Making good content and expanding its role into content marketing clarifies how you and your product fit into your marketplace. It underlines your unique expertise and contribution to the lives of your clients and customers.

Good content speaks your language

In the global marketplace, understanding cultural differences is crucial when it comes to creating focused, relevant content. FiG also acts as a translation agency, offering translation services that make sure your message is clear in any country or culture.


We translate websites, literature, marketing blogs and the entire range of materials from English to Spanish, and from various languages into English.


By helping you to communicate your message effectively to people all over the world, we can help you to strengthen connections with those who are already aware of you and make contact with those who may not yet realise what you have to offer.